YEAR INDEX  31/08/1997 East Kent SSC - Godstone

Photos for this event are grouped by class. The Seniors and AMX run together as a single class on the day. If you have any questions, doubts about an image etc please call. I don't have a programme or rider list for this event. If you have one and could send me a copy, I'll put it on this page.

This was a mixed AMX and Seniors race, so some pages will have two riders with the same number.
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In case of any problems with these pages, please contact Ray on 07812 606887. Thank you.


These low res samples are from the event. Why bother copying the watermarked thumbnails when you can have an image more than twice the size, better quality and without all the writing for just £2?


If you have the programme for this event, it would be great to get a copy on here with the index. Please get in touch if you can help.

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